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A Little About Furriends


  • Each dog is different and quirky in their own way but they all have the commonality of wanting to love and be loved.

  • Exercise for dogs is very important and proper exercise can reduce the severity of many behavioural problems.

  • Kindness and patience while training will allow you to build a strong bond between you and your pet.


  • Safety: This is a top priority for me. I take many safety measures to ensure the pups, as well as myself, return home safely each day.

  • Trustworthiness: I understand your trust in me is fundamental. During our meet and greet, we will get to know each other first to ensure you are comfortable before any services begin.

  • Respectfulness: Being an animal lover, I respect all animals. Through reward-based interactions and working at your dog's pace, we can build a positive relationship so our walks and training can be fun and stress-free!


Furriends is an insured and bonded company that operates with Maisie as the sole dog walker and trainer. The company started in 2018 and considers safety with the utmost importance. To ensure the safety of herself and the pups, all dogs are walked with proper gear and loose leash walking is practised. Walks are done on-leash unless otherwise discussed with owner beforehand. In addition, dogs are assessed before any services to determine compatibility and vaccination records are required. In the vehicle, they are in separate crates to avoid injuries while in motion. All training is taught through reward-based methods; Your dog's comfortability and enjoyment is a huge component of achieving your goals! Maisie aims to set you and your dog up for success through training plans that take into account various aspects such as your lifestyle and your dog's emotional wellbeing. Training and walking dogs should be stress-free!


Maisie grew up in Calgary, AB and her passion of working with animals began at a young age. It led her to complete a BSc degree in Animal Health from University of Alberta. Several years later, Maisie began part-time dog walking in an attempt to fill the void of losing her first pet, Geo. However, it didn't take long for her to realize she wanted to pursue dog walking full time! She upgraded her education by completing a Dog Walking Certification course and began her new career path. In 2020, Maisie and her partner adopted Tuxx from Pause4Change. Little Tuxx has brought them so much joy and love, and also a few challenges! One of those challenges is his fear based reactivity towards humans and dogs. In finding solutions for his reactivity, it ignited her fascination within the world of dog training. Maisie graduated from Dogma Academy's Dog Trainer program in 2023, and is working towards achieving the CPDT-KA certification as well as Dogma's Behaviour Consultant certification! 

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