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When you can’t be there, you can count on Furriends Dog Walking! Proper amounts of exercise promotes a healthy body and mind. With adequate exercise, you can reduce your dog’s anxiety, enhance their joints, stimulate the mind, and promote other positive qualities!

*Services Only Available in Select Calgary Communities
Bridgeland - Renfrew - Crescent Heights - Rosedale - Tuxedo - Mount Pleasant - Sunnyside - Hillhurst

60 Minute Group Walk


Group walks are available once a day and suitable for dogs who are comfortable walking alongside other dogs. All group walks are on-leash with a maximum of 4 dogs in each group. Dogs will be assessed prior to joining any group walks!

30 or 60 Minute Puppy Visit 

  $26.50/dog (30 min) 

$42/dog (60 min)

Puppy visits are one on one visits that consist of a mix of walking, exploring, basic training, and feedings if needed! With a force-free approach, puppies can experience the world at their own pace and have some yummy treats along the way!

30 or 60 Minute Private Walk

  $23.50/dog + $5/additional dog (30 min)

$37/dog + $10/additional Dog (60 min)

Private walks are one on one walks and suitable for dogs that experience leash reactivity. These walks take into consideration the dog's triggers and positive training techniques incorporated to ensure we have an enjoyable outing

10 Minute Drop-In Visit


Drop in visits are available for cats and dogs. These visits can include potty breaks, feeding, litter cleaning, and other services needed for your pet!

Furriends Puppy Shuttle (Temporarily Unavailable)

$16 + $0.75 per km/trip

Kms determined by google maps

Transportation is available for dogs going to and from Brilliant Best Friends Daycare and Central Bark Doggy Daycare! The Puppy Shuttle is equipped with crates lined with mats to create a safe and comfy ride for your dog. It runs 7am-9am for pick up & 4pm-6pm for drop off meaning it will save you time and effort during rush hour! Other transportation destinations may be available, please contact for more info!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many dogs do you walk at one time in a group walk?

Furriends: We take up to 4 dogs on-leash at a time. A small group allows them space to sniff, roll, and do other dog things!

  • Which dogs would you require to have 1 on 1 walks?

Furriends: We require puppies and dogs that are more excitable/reactive to have 1 on 1 walks. This includes dogs with behaviours such as barking and lunging at other dogs/humans/bikes/leaves/squirrels/ etc. Dogs in a group feed off of each other's energy so to keep walks nice and calm for everyone, a behavioural assessment is done on each dog to ensure they will be good with other furriends!

  • What areas do you offer walks?

Furriends: Our service areas include: Bridgeland, Renfrew, Mount Pleasant, Tuxedo, Crescent Heights, Rosedale, Sunnyside, and Hillhurst.

Other services may be available – Please contact for more information!

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